I am a user experience designer with extensive experience on both the research and execution sides of technical projects. I have conducted immersive in person interviews, designed activities to understand how people think and behave, executed desktop research to understand complex systems, and worked closely with technical project managers, engineers, and developers to bring digital systems to life.

However, my passion lies in the synthesis stage, when I am able to distill findings, architect systems and design interfaces for digital products that empower users and support developers. 

I am also a design evangelist and understand design to be an incredible force in the world as a human activity that has - and will continue to - bring profound change to peoples lives. I write and speak about this topic often, and have articles published in EPIC, Civic Quarterly, The Independent, Touch Point Journal of Service Design. You can find more of my writing in the Santa Cruz Sentinel where I write a weekly art column. 

I have an MA in Design Studies from Parsons The New School for Design and BAs in Philosophy and Literature from UCSC. I live in the Bay Area of California.

You can reach me at: hello@jacqueline-wallace.com